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The Investor Hangout for Financial Advisors is a modern workspace designed to reduce busywork, so that financial advisors can focus on getting great investing ideas in front of investors that want them.

It’s the perfect side-hustle if you already have a day job. However, The Investor Hangout for Financial Advisors is also a great way to run an independent financial advisory business. Think of it as having an online store on or

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How Advisor Network Partners Make Money

Introductory Brokerage Dashboard

Introductory Brokerage (IB)

Are you a member of any investor communities? As a Financial Advisor Network partner, you can introduce your online community to stocks investing and make money…it’s that simple.

The Investor Hangout will pay you for referrals.

Get RefCode > Place Widget > Get Paid

Become an Advisor

Certified Algorithm Developer for King

Are you an independent financial advisor? Do you have great investing ideas? Your Financial Advisor subscription gives you all the tools you need to convert your investing ideas into algorithms.

Set your price and your algorithms are offered (for subscription) to the Investor Hangout community via our robo-advisor (King) and algorithm marketplace. 100% of the proceeds from subscriptions to your published algorithms are paid directly into your e-Wallet.

Develop Algo > Price Algo > Get Paid

Become an Advisor
Algo Developer Dashboard


Real-time IB Earnings Monitoring

Fully transparent earnings accrual and payments monitoring online

Investor Hangout Premium+ Features

Online Billing & Payments

The marketplace lists your algorithms, sends subscription renewal notices and deposits subscription payments to your e-wallet

Online Algorithm Developer Studio

All the data and tools (develop, test, publish & monitor) you need to convert your investing ideas into money making algorithms online.

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