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Why develop your own investment technology and infrastructure from scratch? There’s a more efficient way to do fintech now.


Launch a fully functional innovation hub that provides end-to-end access to services and infrastructure that innovators need to innovate within your ecosystem.

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Get access to all the microservices and infrastructure you need to build great brokerage business user experiences, without building anything – except your client UI/UX.

Start Innovating


Run a brokerage business? How about joining an ecosystem of broker partners that are the backend for the next best Fintech startup? Are you a sub-broker? Take your business to the next level by building an app that converts in less than half the time & cost.

Upscale Your Brokerage Business
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Influencers & Educators

Are you an influencer or educator working with traders at all levels. Our solution allows the delivery of brokerage services to any front-end you desire, be it a desktop application, mobile application, or other trade idea generation platform.

Maximize Influencer & Educator Profits

NaYa Finance Brokerage Sandbox

NaYa Finance Brokerage Sandbox model

Core Services

Essential services that every brokerage business requires are delivered out of the box

KYC Endpoints (Know Your Customer)

** Submit application for a new trading/investment account to a target sandbox broker

** Upload required KYC document for new trading/investment accounts

** Check account status for new trading/investment accounts

Order Management System Endpoints

** Send new buy or sell orders to a target Sandbox broker

** Modify Order (change a buy or sell order's quantity or price)

** Cancel pending Orders

** Orders (get order history)

** Contract Notes (get detailed contracts for executed orders)

Portfolio Management Endpoints

** Access all portfolio & trading information (cash & asset positions)

** Aggregate data across multiple portfolios and asset types

** Configure custom alerts and get notifications endpoints on key events

Value Added Services

Looking to build beyond the basic brokerage services? Want to build an app that your customers would love? Include these add-ons and watch your client base swell!

eWallet Endpoints

** Allow electronic funds deposits transfers

** Allow funds withdrawal requests

** Allow balance checks (get available cash position from the investment account)

Market Data Endpoints

** Level I (Real-time/Live Feed)
+ Market Snapshot
+ Security Snapshot
+ Market Movers
+ News
+ Price List

** Level II (Real-time/Live Feed)

** EOD Historical Data

AI for Finance

** Find Investment/Trading Idea (search for an algorithm by questionnaire)

** Company Score Cards (securities health monitor)

** Get detailed investment plans for a given portfolio

Why Partner with Us?

Your Pick of Delivery Channels

Do you have a development team and would like to build customized UI/UX applications? Our APIs are great for that. Do you prefer an off-the-shelf design? Our widgets are also ready to go.

Full REST API Access

Realtime, streaming APIs at your fingertips — helping you build both simple and complex stock market applications, with an easy-to-use interface, in as little as 24 hours.

Local and Ongoing Support

Technology is great. But when you need to talk to a human being, our knowledgeable and local (not offshore and remote) support staff is available to help.

Live and Tested

Unlike many technology solutions out there that still need to build proofs of concept, we are battle ready and have proofs of concept which is ready to deliver from day one.

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