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FAQs - Investor Hangout

NO. The Investor Hangout (The Hangout) is not a financial institution and as such does not solicit for nor manage cash deposits. However, The Hangout works with financial institutions (banks & investment managers) as partners and may facilitate the movement of cash between investors and these partners for the purposes of investing.

For example, in a future version of The Hangout, Invest-Go subscribers will be able to fund their investment accounts online using their bank cards or a bank-to-bank transfer feature.

It is important to note that when this feature becomes available, The Hangout will simply provide the technology that facilitates this transaction and does not at any point have access to the cash in any way shape or form.

NO, The Investor Hangout (The Hangout) is not a licensed stockbroker, asset or fund manager and as such does not operate/manage any investment schemes or funds. However, The Hangout presents investors with digitized investment management interfaces that is supported by a network of licensed investment managers.

For example,  Invest-Go subscribers can link and operate (trade) their stock accounts (with partner stockbrokers) from The Hangout. The investor gets the advantage of The Hangout’s hyper-graphic user experience with advanced decision support tools plus real-time online order-routing.

However, The Hangout does not actually manage or execute the transactions on the investor’s assets. The Hangout is simply a messenger, delivering the investors instructions to the stockbroker and vice-versa in real-time via application programming interfaces.

The Investor Hangout (The Hangout) is a FinTech that brings the Nigerian capital markets closer to investors through:

Aggregation and distribution of financial data using simple and modern protocols (widgets & API).

The promotion of data-driven investment intelligence, analysis and guidance.

The delivery of high quality research tools and resources online as affordable alternatives to high priced incumbent providers (Bloomberg, Reuters etc.).

The digitization of the entire securities trading and investment management value-chain from online investment account opening to real-time online order management and execution to robo-advisory for proactive online/offline portfolio monitoring and management supported by a network of SEC licensed investment management partners (Stockbrokers & Asset Managers).

Investment community support and development via education & learning, news & blogs, 100% FREE access to market data and company financials online.

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