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Welcome to the Investor Hangout Blog!

Investor Hangout - Welcome

My name is Taiwo Megbope and I am a Co-Founder of the Investor Hangout. I am eager to share with you in this forum, ideas on how to invest profitably in the Nigerian Capital Market. I am also very excited to share with you what the Investor Hangout has to offer!

The development journey has been an interesting one. As a result, some of those experiences will find their way into our published content.

“… we share ideas on how to invest profitably in the Nigerian Capital Market …”

Let me start by telling you why we created the Investor Hangout, what you will see in our posts, and our overall experience of launching the Hangout.

Why we started this blog

Investor Hangout - Why we Blog

We developed many of the features on the Investor Hangout to ease investors’ research and analysis experience. These features have been available since 2018, and we thought these features would sell themselves. It took us a while to learn an important lesson. You could bake the best pie, and no one would know how delicious that pie tasted if no one knew about the pie.

We created this blog to serve as an amplifier. There is a ton of impressive stuff in the Investor Hangout that people need to know about. We, therefore, will post a lot of “how-to” content backed up by data from the Investor Hangout.

What you will see in our posts.

The Investor Hangout Blog will publish content that belongs to three major categories. These will include:

  1. Instructional Posts
  2. Insightful Posts
  3. Market Commentaries.

Instructional Posts

Based on the amount of screen time, research and experiences gained over the course of our careers in investing and analytics development, we will put on our instructor hats on this blog. We will give our opinions on what has worked for us in our time spent developing solutions in the Nigerian Capital Market space.

“… you will learn how to become a better investor …”

With these posts, you will hear our opinions on “what to” and “what not to” do to become a better self-directed or institutional investor.

Some lined up topics include:

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